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Continuous Speech Interface for a Movie Locator Service

A more attractive alternative for many of the Touchtone-based services is to use continuous speech recognition to allow callers to speak their requests as if they were speaking to a person. This gives callers a greater feeling of control of the interaction; transaction times are also significantly reduced. In this connection, a continuous speech service, called the Movie Locator, which allows callers to requests information about movies currently showing in area theaters is presented. With the Movie Locator, a caller can find out what theaters are showing a particular movie ; what movies are playing at a particular theater or at theaters near a particular town; the starting times for a particular movie at a theater ; the starting times for all movies in a particular category.

The Shape and Psychophysics of Cinematic Space

For the film goes who sits to the front and side of a movie theater , the virtual space, `behind' the screen undergoes affine and perspective transformations. These transformations should, one would think, make the rigidity of objects on the screen very difficult to discern. Despite the fact that it has long been known that viewers are not very sensitive to such distortions, a phenomenon called the La Gournerie paradox, the effect is without a good theoretical account. Two possibilities are: that viewers rectify the distortions of Euclidean space through the use of information about screen slant, and that sufficient information is preserved under these transformations so that perception may be unperturbed. It presents preliminary arguments for the information-preservation view and introduces a new technique that of using simulated projection surfaces, whose uses in experimental situations suggest that Euclidean rectification, is not necessary.

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